Welcome 2022

With the closing of 2021, the Slate Belt Regional Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy 2022. The year of 2021 brought us births, deaths, retirements, new hires, illness, and many more unexpected obstacles that were faced and overcome. The challenge of providing services to the community while maintaining empathy for those who are struggling; all whilst protecting ourselves and our own families, has been daunting and difficult. We’d like to thank the countless individuals in our communities who have shown their support, encouragement, and kindness to our department in so many kind ways. We’d also like to acknowledge the many, many members of our communities who simply go about their days, doing the “right” thing, who rarely come in contact with our officers, and when they must, they are kind, patient and willing to work together to solve a situation. These have been challenging times for everyone, us included. Yet, through it all, we believe that together, while welcoming all of our differences and perspectives, we can work towards building the best community for us all. We wish you well.