Online Reporting System

With the spread of the Corona Virus across the globe, The Palmer Township Police and CRIMEWATCH has seen the need to better protect our first responders from catching or spreading the virus. We believe that CRIMEWATCH can help you reduce unnecessary physical contact for non-emergency incidents.

As such, CRIMEWATCH has developed an Online Reporting System for the Palmer Township Police Department, FREE of charge.

The Palmer Township Police Department, can now receive non-emergency reports from our community to better serve you under the current circumstances we all find ourselves in.

•      The Public can go to the Palmer Township Police Department CRIMEWATCH portal to file an incident report.

*      You can find the Palmer Township Police Department CRIMEWATCH portal at

•      The Complainant will complete the online form and the corresponding required fields. This clearly shows that if this is an emergency that they should call 911

•      The Complainant can sign up for a FREE account for the Palmer Township Police Department CRIMEWATCH. This will allow the Respondent to see their submission in their account.

•      Once submitted, the Complainant will receive an automated email receipt with confirmation of the submission and additional instruction.