Organizational Values


The Palmer Township Police Department has made the following commitments:

  • To enforce the laws and ordinances in an ethical, impartial, courteous, and professional manner with respect for the rights of all people;
  • To display the highest degree of honor and integrity to earn and maintain the respect and confidence of the public, our superiors, peers, and subordinates, and other criminal justice and governmental agencies;
  • To provide friendly and courteous service by striving to improve communications and relationships with the public, at all times seeking improvement in the quality and image of public service;
  • To support an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect, and strive to achieve our highest potential through the active involvement of our personnel in problem solving and improvement of police services;
  • To develop community partnerships by soliciting and supporting participation of all members of the community in facilitating solutions to problems of mutual concern;
  • To promote and encourage a policy of professional and individual excellence through continuing education, training and use of best practices in policing.   


The "Golden Rule" is as applicable today as it has always been. People should be treated the way we and members of our families deserve and would like to be treated. The type of treatment and interaction should not depend on the perceived status of the person, or any other variable that might be considered. We must never infringe upon the basic human rights of any person. During the course of our employment we interact with many people. They may be colleagues, supervisors, subordinates, male or female, sworn officers or civilians, victims, suspects, people of different races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientation, or other numerous distinctions. Each person shall be treated fairly, meaning impartially and honestly, without self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism. They shall be treated equally, meaning in an identical manner as all others, without bias. They shall be treated with respect, decency, and courtesy, giving them the esteem due to any person, in any situation. It is the policy of this Department that any interactions with any person, during the course of our employment fall within these guidelines.