On March 8, 2021 our department took a report of a scam where a resident received a voice mail that stated their Amazon account had been overcharged and they should call back to collect the refund payment. The resident phoned back and spoke with someone who requested access to her Amazon account which she granted through her computer. Shortly after the person requested her credit card information (which was actually tied to the amazon account). The resident then became suspicious and hung up.

Another Amazon scam questions people on charges on their account and to go purchase gift cards and phone back to provide the gift card numbers so the scammer can access the money on the cad.

Police warn residents not to fall for these type scams or permit anyone access to their computer, bank or credit card information. If someone requests payment via a gift card or prepaid card, it is a SCAM. Legitimate businesses will not ask for payment via a gift card. Also if someone calls you claiming to be from Amazon saying you owe them money or they owe you money, hang up the phone, and check your Amazon account. If there is a problem with your account check the official Amazon website and contact customer service.