Vehicle Safety

Lock your vehicle – Many criminals are opportunists, they will many times search for unlocked vehicles because no force is needed to enter the vehicle and opening a car door does not appear suspicious.

Remove valuables from your vehicle – Don’t allow items like GPS units, purses/wallets, cell phones, cash or anything else that is of value to be easily seen in your vehicle.  Thieves usually look for items that are easy to sell and turn into cash.  They will often look for these items before breaking into a vehicle.

Don’t keep spare keys in your vehicle – Keeping spare keys in your vehicle could turn a theft from your vehicle into a vehicle theft or a burglary.

Try to park in a well lit area – Criminals often use the cover of darkness to their advantage. Most thefts from vehicles occur in the late evening / early morning hours.  Keeping your vehicle in well lit area decreases your chances of becoming a victim.