The Lower Saucon Township Police Department consists of nineteen employees and one K-9. There are fifteen full-time police officers consisting of eight Patrol Officers, four Patrol Corporals, one Detective/Corporal, one Sergeant and the Chief of Police. There are also three part-time Patrol Officers and one full-time non-sworn Administrative Clerk.

The department protects and serves over 10,000 citizens living in an approximately 25 square mile area which is primarily residential/rural, with several shopping centers and the Saucon Valley School District campus; and thousands of motorists who travel through our area every day. The department headquarters is located adjacent to the main Town Hall building, which was completed in 2002, and has many features common to the modern police building, including administrative offices, property/evidence processing and storage, squad room, armory, training room, interview rooms, holding cells, locker rooms, weight training/cardiovascular facilities, and a restricted parking area with carport for our patrol fleet.

Records dating back to 1930 indicate that the Township Police Department of that time was comprised of 35 volunteers. They met at various volunteer fire companies as there was no police headquarters, and the chief, who received an annual salary of one dollar, had his office in the kitchen of his home. The force grew to 55 in the early 1940's, but gradually the numbers declined. A paid part-time force of three men was established in 1953, but they still were without headquarters. They held their meetings at the chief's house and, as volunteers did, used their private vehicles. The paid force grew in number, full-time positions were created, and a headquarters with a communications center was established in the old Town Hall, where it remained until 2002.