DON'T BE A VICTIM! Remove valuables from your vehicle when parked at recreational areas

As the weather starts getting warmer and the days get longer, everyone wants to get out and visit the parks with their children, walk / ride on the trail or take your dog to the dog park. Every year vehicle windows are smashed and purses are stolen while the vehicles are parked in the parking areas of these outdoor recreational areas. The thieves then steal checks, credit cards and identification. The cards are then used fraudulently, checks are forged and cashed with stolen identity and disguises to match, typically in different jurisdictions and even out of state.

This is called “FELONY LANE GANG” activity and it happens everywhere all the time!

Residents are reminded to always secure purses/valuables in their trunk, or better yet, leave them at home or take them with you when you exit your vehicle.

If you see something Suspicious, say Something Immediately!