The Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, (PLEAC) is a division of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and the accreditation program is sponsored and funded through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. An "accredited police department" must continually demonstrate that it adheres to standard guidelines adopted by state and national law enforcement professionals.


The benefits of accreditation include; a continuing objective review of agency practices and procedures, reduced agency risk and exposure to civil litigation, potential reduction of liability insurance costs, improved community relations, increases employee confidence in the agency, identifies the highlights, capabilities and competence of the agency and furnishes a solid foundation for the agency to build toward future progress.

Forks Township Police Department has achieved Premier Agency Status.  The Premier Agency Status program sets forth guidelines outlining a recognition program to identify the TOP ECHELON of agencies in Pennsylvania that have remained committed to state accreditation.

The Premier Agency Status recognizes those agencies that have attained certain longevity in accreditation, remained committed to a philosophy of excellence, and helps encourage them to sustain this level of commitment. 

Accreditation Manager, Corporal Jack Dressler, will provide updated information as the process continues.

Please feel free to contact him at Corporal Jack Dressler for more information.