What do I do about Abandoned Vehicles?
Abandoned Vehicles are a nuisance as well as an eyesore. Don't let abandoned vehicles ruin the look of your neighborhood.

Under Pennsylvania's motor vehicle laws, a vehicle is considered abandoned if:

  • Left on a highway or public property in inoperable condition for 48 hours or longer
  • Left illegally on a highway or public property
  • Left on highway or public property for 48 hours or longer and does not have valid license plate, inspection sticker, or VIN number
  • Left on private property without owner's consent for 48 hours or longer

If you have a complaint regarding an abandoned vehicle contact an officer via Northampton County Control's non-emergency phone listing, 610-759-2200.

A Police Officer will respond and evaluate the situation. If the vehicle can be classified as abandoned, the vehicle will be removed.

How do I apply for a Block Party Permit?
Township residents may apply for permits to hold block parties by contacting the Public Works Director, Steve Kramer, 610-438-2670.
For approved permits, the Township will supply barricades to shut down motor vehicle traffic.

The following conditions apply to block party permit requests:

  • Permit must be available for inspection during the block party.
  • A person must be designated to remove barricades and open the street for emergency vehicle traffic.
  • Public property such as signs or fire hydrants may not be tampered with.
  • Party holders must arrange for removal of litter and debris as soon as event is over.
  • Loud music must be shut off by 10:00 P.M. and party attendees must be responsive to noise complaints.
  • Permit holder must ensure that barricades, traffic cones and other items borrowed from Forks Township are secured for pickup by Township Employees.

For a Block Party Permit Form Click HERE

What are the Directions to Forks Township Police Department?
From Easton: (Center City)

  • Take College avenue into the College Hill section of the City
  • College Avenue becomes Cattell Street
  • Cattel street becomes Knox Avenue
  • Knox Avenue becomes Sullivan Trail
  • The police department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trail

From Easton: (West Ward)

  • Take 13th street North to Bushkill Drive
  • Take Bushkill Drive to Zucksville Road
  • Take a right onto Zucksville and proceed east to Sullivan Trail
  • Make a right onto Sullivan Trail, the Police Department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trail

From Bethlehem/Allentown:

  • Take Route 22 East
  • Take the 13th street exit
  • Proceed left onto 13th street
  • Make a left turn onto Bushkill Drive and proceed North
  • Make a right turn onto Zucksville Road
  • Make a right turn onto Sullivan Trail, the police department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trail

From Nazareth Area:

  • Take 191 toward Stockertown Borough
  • Make a right turn at the traffic light at 191 and Main street in Stockertown
  • Main street becomes Sullivan Trail
  • Proceed South on Sullivan Trail, the Police Department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trail

From Slate Belt Area:

  • Take Sullivan Trail south toward Stockertown
  • Proceed through Stockertown Borough
  • Sullivan trail proceeds into Forks Township
  • The Police Department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trail


How do I report Domestic Violence?
If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, FTPD stands ready to help. Police officers will respond quickly to domestic assaults, and will arrest abusers within the guidelines allowable by law. Officers will also assist victims in obtaining and enforcing protective court orders.

  • Additional resources for victims of domestic violence:
  • Northampton County District Attorney's Office - 610-559-3020
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline - 800-799-SAFE
  • Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley - 610-437-3369
  • Northampton County Victim/Witness Assistance - 610-559-3711
  • Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley - 610-437-6611


Where do I get information for non-criminal Finger Printing?
Personnel from the Forks Township Police Department are available to do non-criminal fingerprinting for those who work or reside in the Township. Typically, such fingerprints are needed for purposes like employment and immigration applications.

Non-criminal fingerprinting is done at the following time only:
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm

An appointment is necessary, and is strongly suggested to ensure someone is available to roll your fingerprints. The number for the office is 610-252-0377.

How do I make a Police Report?
If you are a victim of a crime you need to make a police report. In some cases your insurance company will require a police report or perhaps you are concerned about a suspicious incident or hazardous condition that you wish to bring to the attention of the Forks Township Police Department.

There are several ways that you can make an official police report:

  • In an Emergency or Hazardous situation, Dial 911. A police officer will be dispatched to the location you specify.
  • For non-emergencies, Call 610-759-2200. A police officer will be dispatched to the location you specify.
  • You may take a report in person by coming into the police station located at 1604 Sullivan Trail.


How do I obtain a Copy of a Police Report?
If you need a copy of a police report for insurance or other reasons, we can help. A non refundable $10.00 fee for an incident report or a $15.00 non – refundable fee for an accident report will be assessed for this purpose. Reports are only available to individuals who are named somewhere on the report. In the case of minors, their parent or legal guardians may obtain a report on their behalf. Certain personal information appearing on the report may be obscured to protect the privacy of victims and other involved parties.

Reportable and Non-Reportable Accident reports are only available online at  https://www.crashdocs.org/#/reports?state=PA&agencyORI=PA0481500.

To obtain a copy of a report:
In person - Reports are available at the following times at our office:
Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

By mail - Enclose a check or money order with your request and send it to:

Forks Township Police Department
1604 Sullivan Trail
Easton, PA 18040

Be sure to explain where and when the incident happened, as well as the type of case you are inquiring about.

Download a Police Record Request Form

What do I do if I received a Traffic Citation?
You're driving along one day when your attention is caught by a flash of red and blue lights in your rear view mirror, followed by a signal from a police officer to pull over.

You've received a traffic citation.

We know it's never a pleasant for a citizen to be ticketed. But for everyone's safety, the Forks Township Police Department takes its responsibility for enforcement of traffic laws seriously.

When cited, you have two options.

  • You may plead guilty by contacting the District Court listed on the citation and arranging payment of the fine and costs.
  • You may plead not guilty by contacting the District Court listed on the citation and arranging a date for a hearing before a Magisterial District Court Judge. The officer who issued you the citation will also appear at your hearing. You may be required by the District Court to post the amount of your fine and costs prior to your day in court. You will receive these funds back following the hearing if you are found not guilty.

The District Court covering Forks Township is:
District 03-2-09
MDJ: Susan Hutnik, Esq.
3 Weller Place, Easton, PA 18045
Phone: 610-258-7266