Slate Belt Regional Police Department is launching a fund-raising drive to purchase and train a K-9 Officer.  Although it is difficult to measure statistically the effectiveness in the use of police dogs, many studies have provided strong evidence that police dogs can be of invaluable service in police work.  Once the decision of acquiring a K-9 was made by the Slate Belt Regional Police Commission a list of goals was created to ensure a professional and successful K-9 Program.    

While there are a multitude of training facilities from which to choose, Slate Belt Regional Police Department has chosen High Drive K-9, Inc., Belton, South Carolina to assist in the acquisition of a preliminarily trained, dual-purpose, K-9.  The type of K9 is chosen based on the suitability to meet the expectations of the purchasing department and the personality of the K-9 and it’s Handling Officer.  The K-9 Handler Officer, along with their new K-9 partner, will be mutually trained at the Belton South, Carolina location for six (6) weeks in the spring of 2023.  The K9 will be trained in “dual-purpose patrol/narcotics”.  A dual-purpose K-9 is specialized both in nose work for detection of narcotics and in scent tracking for protecting both the public and his handler. 

Prior to the K-9 Officer training, a specialized police vehicle must be purchased and outfitted to accommodate the Police K-9 Officer. A proper canine transport insert must be installed, K9 unit automatic deployment system, vehicle temperature control, and safety barriers must be installed into the standard police vehicle.  This vehicle will be used solely as the K9 Officer/Handler’s patrol vehicle.

Once the K-9 Team has been trained and acclimated to the rigors of patrolling the area, the Slate Belt Regional Police Department plans on having our K-9 Team out and about as much as possible at community events and interacting as much as possible with the public.  Until then, SBRPD hopes to keep the community abreast of all the many goals and accomplishments that the new K-9 Team will encounter.

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