Parked Vehicles obstructing sidewalk use

We are receiving numerous complaints about parked vehicles obstructing the use of sidewalks.  This forces sidewalk users into the street.

Due to these increased "Quality-of-Life" concerns from your neighborhood sidewalk users, we wish to remind ALL our residents not to park vehicles in their driveways in any manner that blocks or restricts any portion of the sidewalk.

This violation is enforceable by Palmer Township Ordinance.

Chapter 180:  Vehicles and Traffic

Article II Storage of Vehicles; Parking Prohibited for Certain Purposes

§ 180-28 Miscellaneous violations.

No person shall park at, in or on the following places:

A.  On a sidewalk, including a portion of which is part of the apron of a driveway.

Violators may be issued a Parking Ticket by our Officers.

THANK YOU for your anticipated cooperation.