Palmer Police Introduce EAHS School Resource Officer

Classes have started in the Easton Area School District.

We have viewed all your Kindergartner’s first year of school pictures.

It is our turn.  We wish to introduce you to the Palmer Township Police Officer assigned to the Easton Area High School as its new school resource officer (SRO).

Officer “JT” begins his first year as a Certified School Resource Officer (SRO) and looks forward to working with the Students, Staff and the Easton Area School District Police at Easton Area High School.

Officer John “JT” Smoke is a sworn member of the Palmer Township Police Department. He has been with our department for nearly 20 years.

“JT” has previously served our residents and businesses as a Patrol Officer. He is experienced in all patrol related responsibilities, he has served as a SWAT Operator, a Community Police Officer, and Field Training Officer (FTO).

So, just what is an SRO?

The National Association of School Resource Officers was founded with a solid commitment to the youth of the United States.

It incorporates the TRIAD concept (Law Enforcement Officer — Teacher — Counselor) of school-based law enforcement. Many communities have adopted this philosophy as they blend their SRO program with other community policing programs.

Officers are trained to educate, counsel, and protect within school communities.

Please welcome Officer “JT” to the Easton Area High School Team and Rover Family.

Your High School students are in wonderful hands with Officer “JT”.