She has been named “Prancer.”

Fitting for the Holiday Season, but more for her walking style.

No one has claimed her in the past 7 days.

The Palmer Police will now find her a proper home.

We are being told that "Prancer" is a Treeing walker coonhound.

We just know that she is younger, likely less than 2 years old.

She is very friendly with high energy!

We have no medical history available for her.

She weighs about 50lbs

In accordance with the Palmer Police Canine Policy, “Prancer” is now available for immediate adoption!

The Palmer Township Police Adoption Application and Contract are available online at:


With #socialdistancing in mind, we will attempt to accommodate "Meet and Greets."
Set up a “Meet and Greet” with Deputy Chief Wayne Smith (610) 253-5844 Extension: 1204.

Please leave a voice mail.

Complete and forward Applications to Deputy Chief Wayne Smith at: